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Userbase is designed to allow the software author to easily process and track orders, users, products and registration information.

Pull your software orders from your email through the embedded email client and the program can parse your orders into the database. Do an automated merge from your database to create a order response email to your customer with automatically generated key from your own key generator, Armadillo version 3, the Userbase key generator or a manually generated key.

You can track your Bug and Enhancement Requests easily by automatically merging emails into your Bug and Enhancement databases. You can also easily add Bug and Enhancement requests manually.

Sending monthly newsletters, product update notifications, new product annoucements, or other bulk type messages to your users in your database based on product purchased, current version is very easy.

Reports allow you to quickly see your sales numbers as well as the fees and taxes that you have paid.

Now is the time to get your sales, users, products and registration information organized! throw out that spreadsheet and get your user, sales, bug and enhancement request information into USERBASE!

Current Version: 1.6 (July 25, 2007)
Upgrades: Free lifetime upgrades to registered users!
Operating System: Windows 95 or higher

Main Features

  • Track your Software Registrations in Multiple Currencies
  • Support for Armadillo, Userbase, Custom and Manual Key Generation
  • Automate Data entry of Registrations by Automatically merging from an Email
  • Automate Email Replys to Registrations including Attachments
  • Bug & Enhancement Request Tracking.
  • Automatically merge Emails into Bugs or Request databases
  • List your Users and Track Valid Email Addresses
  • Post data to a Webserver CGI, ISAPI or ASP Application
  • Import users with a Comma Delimited File
  • Send Email Notifications to all Users based on product and/or version registered including Attachments
  • Generate Registration ID's in Bulk
  • Track Fraudulent Users & Registration ID's
  • Support for Multiple POP3 & SMTP Accounts
  • Registration Reports for each product by Month, Year or Custom Range
  • Fraud Report for each product by Month, Year or Custom Range
  • Registration Fees and VAT/Sales Tax Report for each product by Month, Year or Custom Range
  • Bug and Enhancement Request Reports
  • User List Report
  • Setup Wizard to easily get started
  • Support for Multiple Desktop Settings
  • Built-in easy Data backup and restore
  • Support for Auto Checking of Email
  • Ability to Restrict Email Retrieval based on Full/Partial Email Subject Match
  • Ability to Automatically Calculate Registration Services Fees
  • Ability to Filter Registration ID's by Used, Unused or All