Product Registration ID's Window

Here will be your list of Product Registration ID's and the User and Product assigned to it.

If you see a Red Highlighted Record in the Grid, that represents a Fraudulent Registration. You set the Fraud Indicator in the Registrations Window.

Here you can see your Product Registration ID Records, Manually assign a Product and User to a Product Registration ID record or even Generate Multiple New Registration ID Records.

When you are adding or editing a Product Registration ID record and you select a Product:

if the product uses the Userbase key generator:
the Registration ID and Password will be automatically generated and entered for you based on the settings you defined in the Products Reg ID Calc Field.

if the product uses the Armadillo or Custom key generator:
if the Registration ID field is empty you can click on the '...' button and generate a key.

Icon Meanings

Change Filter (View All, Used or Unused)  Used = A record with a User # assigned to it
Generate Multiple Registration ID Records
Add a New Record
Edit the Current Record
Delete the Current Record
Save Changes when you are Adding or Editing
Cancel Changes when you are Adding or Editing
Open the Help File
Close the Window

Expanding Record View

Here is what the Expanded Record View will look like.

Closing Record View