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Versions Window

Here you will have access to your Product Versions Data.
Use this area as an archive to keep track of the product data over version releases.
Changing anything in this record will not affect or change the Data in the Products window.
Access to this screen is only from the Products Window using either the Versions Button or the Current Version Field '...' Button.

Icon Meanings

Add a New Version
Edit the Current Version
Save Changes when you are Adding or Editing
Cancel Changes when you are Adding or Editing
Open the Help File
Close the Window

Expanding Record View

Here is what the Expanded Record View will look like.

If using Userbase Generated Key.

If using Custom Generated Key.

If using Armadillo Generated Key.

Closing Record View

Version - Enter a release version of the product.

Release Date - Enter the date the version was released.

When Using Armadillo Key Generator:

the following fields are required:
Armadillo Version and Project

the following fields are not necessary to be entered but if you do they are used as defaults:
Certificate, Expire in Key, Copies in Key and Other Info