Program Overview

Here is a general overall concept of how to use this program.

You assign a Product Registration ID and Password (optional) to each User who registers a product. This Product Registration ID and Password can be generated for you automatically by the program if you use the built-in Userbase key generator or you can have the program automatically call and generate a key from your Armadillo or custom key generator.

You enter all of your Products info into the Products Window. If you use the built-in Userbase key generator you will enter the First Product Registration ID and Password to be used as starting values to generate new values. If instead you use Armadillo or a custom key generator you will enter the necessary info for Userbase to call either key generator.

If you want to have the program automatically calculate the fees associated with Registration services, add Fee records into the Fees Window. Now when adding a Registration and selecting the appropriate fee, the program can calculate the fees and net income.

Create pre-written replys in the Registration Replys window so that you can easily reply with the information that a new registrator needs. This reply you create can have mail merge capability from your database so sending Registration #'s and Passwords can be automated. You can also automate sending attachments.

Create Email Parsers to automate the merging of registration data into your database.

Create Email Notes (pre-written messages) to send to your users based on criteria you select. This makes notifiying users of a new version or even a new product a snap.

Track the status of your Bugs and Enhancement Requests for each of your products. Easily merge bugs and requests sent through email into your database.