FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Key Generators are supported?

Armadillo version3, Custom, Manual and Built-in Userbase generator. The Product window explains the Generators.

Are there pre-made Email parsers for merging registration info so I don't have to create them?

Yes, Ready-made Email parsers can be imported by clicking the import button on the Email Parsers Window.

Parsing addresses in emails is difficult, are there any easy ways to do that?

Yes, look at the Address Data Rules for easy Ready-made rules.

Can I change the colors of the program?

Yes, click on the Utility|Customize Menu Item. On the Customize window click on the colors tab.

Is there a list of Keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, here is the list of shortcuts that don't have hints displayed in the program.

Can I check for a newer version of the program?

Yes, click on the Utility|Upgrade Menu Item. This takes you to the Upgrade Window.

How do I Register the Program?

Goto the Registration Page on the Web site.

When I open a window is there a way to have the data view already expanded inside the grid?

yes, click on the Utility|Customize Menu Item. On General Tab, click on "Auto Open Data Views".

Can I send my emails as plain text only?

yes, click on the Utility|Customize Menu Item. On Email Tab, click on "Send as Plain Text"

The program allows me to use a lot of colors, can I add more or remove some colors?

yes, Edit the Colors.ini file that is in your program's directory. You can add, remove or delete the file completely. The changes will not take effect until the next time you start the program.