Generate Multiple Registration IDs Window

Here you will be able to generate multiple Registration IDs for 1 or more of your products. The only products that will be listed are the ones that use the Userbase built-in Key Generator

You can select # of IDs to generate for each product. You can generate ID's for more than 1 product at a time.

Just enter the # for each product and when you select the Ok button any Product that has a non-zero # will have that amount of ID's generated. The ID is generated according to the Rules you selected when you added your Product on the Product Window.

Icon Meanings

Go ahead and Generate the # of IDs requested for each product
Open the Help File
Close the Window

If any errors occur you will see a Tab with a green Frown Face displayed. The errors will be listed here. If you want to close this error Tab Right Click on the Tab and click Close.