Report Date Range Selection Window

Here you will select the date range for your report.

There are several defined ranges for your convenience:
All, Current Month, Current Year, This month last year, Last Year, Last month, Last month last year and Last Year this Date.

Select custom to set a range other than the above defined ranges. When custom is selected, the From and To Dates are used.
If the checkbox beside a date is checked that date is used.

If only the To date is selected then you are selecting all records up to and including that date.
If only the From date is selected then you are selecting all records with that date and after.
If both To and From are selected then you are selecting only those records with a date equal to greater than From and Less than or equal to To.

If custom is selected you can select from your past custom history. whenever you use a custom date range it is saved for easy future use.
Simply select the history item from the drop-down selection and the custom FROM and TO dates are filled in for you.

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