Send Email Window

Here you will Send most of your Emails.

Off-line Sending and Replying to Email
If you are not connected to the internet, you can still create and reply to emails, they will be Queued for easy sending once you're connected.

Pick Button - Choose the Criteria for selecting multiple recipients

Send To Name and Address
enclose the name(s) in double quotes "send to name" and enclose the address(s) in <address@com>.

From Name and Address
enclose the name in double quotes "sent from name" and enclose the address in <address@com>. You can click on the drop down button beside From to change the Sender.

Sending to Multiple Recipients
Not available if replying to an Email. Click on the Pick Button to bring up the Send To Window and choose the recipients.
When clicking the pick button and selecting a range of records, the TO field will be populated with a few different possible values like the following:
All Users (xx Records), Users based on Product (xx Records), Users based on Product and Curr Version (xx Records), Users based on Product and Version Bought (xx Records) or Pick Users (xx Records). These values are not sent (each value in the Selected list is substituted instead on the actual send) they are meant as a short description of who is being sent to.

Pre-written Emails (Email Notes)
Click on the drop-down beside the subject to select a pre-written email (Email Notes).

Click on "..." Button to select attachments to send.

Spell Checker
Click on Spell Button to spell check your email.

Sending the Email
Click on Send Button. If any errors occur you will see a Tab with a green Frown Face displayed. The errors will be listed here. If you want to close this error Tab Right Click on the Tab and click Close.