Email Window

Here you will Send and Receive most of your Emails.

Icon Meanings

Send Queued Emails
Select the Mailbox to View
Reply to the Current Selected Email(s)
Send an Email to 1 or more People
Get New Emails
Merge the Current Selected Email(s) into either the Registration, Bug or Requests Database
Print the Current Selected Email(s)
Delete the Current Selected Email(s)
Open the Help File
Close the Window

The Send Queued Emails button will only be visible if there are queued emails to send.

The Red circle shows an Email with attachment(s).
Attachments will be listed in a separate area below the actual email Text area.
The Attachment area is only visible when a record with attachments is selected.
To view an attachment, double click on it.

If any errors occur you will see a Tab with a green Frown Face displayed. The errors will be listed here. If you want to close this error Tab Right Click on the Tab and click Close.

When you click the Merge button, the program will first look for any Email Parsers to merge the email as a Registration.
If no Email Parser parser is found then the Bug or Request Merge window displays so that you can select whether to merge this email as a Bug or a Enhancement Request.