Email (In) Tab

Here you can setup POP3 or Incoming Email. Create, Modify, Delete POP3 Accounts. You need at least one POP3 Account to Receive Email through the program.

The Name of the Account.

Address of this Accounts POP3 Server it will use. ex:

User ID
This is the ID to log into the POP3 Server. ex: user12

This the password to log into the POP3 Server.

Port #
The Port # to use.

Retrieve only Emails that match an Email Parser Subject Line
If this is checked you retrieve only Emails whose subject either matches completely or partially a record in the Email Parser Window. Use this feature to eliminate spam retrieval, etc.

Delete Messages from Server
This gives you control over when or if your Emails are Deleted from the POP3 Server.

Check Email
If this is checked then Clicking the Get Email Button in the Email Window will attempt to retrieve New email for this POP3 Account.

Icon Meanings

Insert New Record
Delete Current Record
Edit Current Record
Save Changes when you are Adding or Editing
Cancel Changes when you are Adding or Editing
Open the Help File
Close the Window