Email Tab

Here you can set some general items for Email.

Create, Modify, Delete Mailboxes. In and Out are always present.

Internet Connect Timeout
Time in Seconds to wait for connection.

Send as Plain Text
Emails sent will not use different font, sizes and colors.

Save Emails Sent into the Out MailBox
Whether Emails sent are saved into the Out MailBox. Saving too many Sent Emails as well as saving too many emails in the IN or other Mailboxes may cause a slow-down in checking for new emails.

Save Attachments
Whether Email Attachments are saved. If this is checked they will be saved into the Attachments directory below the main program directory.

Auto Email Check
If you enter a non-zero value here Auto Email Check is enabled. This value is the Time in Minutes to wait between checking for new Email. The Email Window must be open (but can be minimized) for this functionality to work.

New Email Notificiation (Auto Email Check Only)
Show Alert Dialog
- A Message Window is displayed to notify the user.
Restore Minimized Window - Minimized window is restored.
Play Sound - Sound is played. Click on ... button to play a custom sound.

Icon Meanings

Insert New Record
Delete Current Record
Edit Current Record
Save Changes when you are Adding or Editing
Cancel Changes when you are Adding or Editing
Open the Help File
Close the Window