General Tab

Here you can set general functionality of the program.

Company Name - Program Title and used for Report Titles.
Default Desktop - The Desktop opened each time the program runs. Use the Drop down to select the default (from the ones you saved).
BackUp Dir - The Directory to use when Backing up and Restoring your data.
Always Show Button Captions - If not checked button captions only show when mouse is over button.
Show Main Window Toolbar - if not checked main form icons are not shown.
Show Desktop List on Toolbar - if not checked the Desktop List is not shown.
Show Tips on Startup - if not checked the Tips of the Day are not shown on startup.
Auto Backup Data on Exit - if checked the program will automatically backup the data when the program exits.
Auto Open Data Views - if checked the Data View inside a grid will automatically expand when a window is opened.
New Upgrade Reg ID Blank - if checked the program will insert a new Upgrade record with a blank Reg ID field; otherwise the Registration or latest upgrade record's Reg ID value will be used for this new Upgrade record.

Desktops basically are saving the window(s) and the position(s) as they are. You need to have Saved a Desktop to change the Default Desktop. To Save a Desktop you need a window(s) open. Now, click on Utility|Desktop|Save. This will open a window that prompts you to enter the name you want to give to this desktop.

Countries - The Yellow highlighted item will be automatically added when inserting a new user record. If a country is not listed here it will be added to this list whenever you add a new user record with this new country.

New Default - Click this button to change the default country when inserting a new user record. Simply click on the new country, then click this button.

Icon Meanings

Save Changes when you are Adding or Editing
Cancel Changes when you are Adding or Editing
Open the Help File
Close the Window