Registrations Window

Here you will Track your Registrations and their Upgrades and Send a Reply to Registrations:

A User and Product # are required to add a Registration.
Price, Net Income, Version Bought and Curr Version will be filled in for you when you select the Product #.
Net Income will be updated when you select the Fee #.

If you see a Red Highlighted Record in the Grid, that represents a Fraudulent Registration.

Clicking on the Reply Button brings up the Reply Window which allows you to send an email reply to this registration. If you setup a Reply to Registration Record you can mail merge data into this reply.

Clicking on the Post Button brings up the Web Post Send Window which allows you to send data from this registration to your CGI, ISAPI or ASP Web Application.

Icon Meanings

Add a New Record
Edit the Current Record
Delete the Current Record
Send a Reply to the Registration Email
Post to CGI, ISAPI or ASP Web Application
Save Changes when you are Adding or Editing
Cancel Changes when you are Adding or Editing
Open the Help File
Close the Window

Expanding Record View

Here is what the Expanded Record View will look like.

Closing Record View

Viewing Upgrades

Following the above directions for Viewing Data Record except you must click on the Plus or Minus Sign under the Upgrade Column.
If the Upgrade Data Record is shown then all operations are performed on the Upgrades (Add, Edit, Delete).