Email Parsers Window

Here you will Create your Parsers to Automate the Merging of Email Registrations into your Database:

You can add a Email Parser to handle all of the variations you may need for each one of your registration services, Products. In order for Emails to be parsed, the Parse Rules must be defined by clicking on Parse Rules and bring up the Parse Rules Window. The restriction of retrieving only emails that either fully or partially match a email parser must be enabled in the customize window.

As noted above any Parser for Pay-Pal should keep the Email Address field blank because with Pay-Pal, this field is actually the address of the person registering your program not the registration service sending you the email. If any of your other registration services do the same thing you should also keep the email address field blank.

Email Parsers for the following Registration Services are included in the install and can be imported; however, you may need to alter some of the data to fit your needs or reflect changes made by those services since this version of the program has been released:

When adding multiple records you may find the Copy Button will save time. It copies the current record and all of it's Parser Rules which you can then modifiy potentially saving a lot of time for items that are similar in setup.

Icon Meanings

Import Email Parsers and It's Parse Rules
Copy Current Record and It's Parse Rules
Add a New Record
Edit the Current Record
Delete the Current Record
Save Changes when you are Adding or Editing
Cancel Changes when you are Adding or Editing
Open the Help File
Close the Window

Expanding Record View

Here is what the Expanded Record View will look like.

Closing Record View