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"I can't stop playing this game!! It's addicting!"
- Tammy

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In LineUp, the object of the Game is to score as many points as possible by generating as many "LineUps" of 4 of your pieces in a row as possible. Watch out for the different powers of the Red and Blue Jokers!

Current Version: 1.1 (November 23, 2003)
Registration Fee: $9.99 Internet Download / $19.99 CD
Upgrades: Free lifetime upgrades to registered users!
Operating System: Windows 95 or higher

Main Features

  • Object of the Game is to score as many points as possible
  • Score points by generating "LineUps" of 4 of your pieces in a row
  • Claim empty space by playing that card
  • LineUps can be up and down or left and right
  • Jokers are Wild!
  • Blue Joker allows you to claim any open space
  • Red Joker allows you to remove any opponents piece not part of a LineUp
  • Requires strategy to win
  • Play against one or two computer players
  • Play Single or Double Deck
  • Play Normal or Las Vegas Style Scoring
  • Use Normal or Random Generated Board
  • 3 styles of point generation (Normal, Card Value or Card Suit)