Each player can either play or discard 1 card per turn with you starting first. To play a card, simply left-click on it. A card can be played if the corresponding space on the board is not owned by a player. A space that is owned by a player changes to the color of that player. To discard, simply right-click on the card. If there are cards left in the deck you will draw a new card to replace the discarded one. If you discard and you had a play that concludes your turn; however, if you see the "No Play, Must Discard (right-click)" notice to the left of your card pile before you discard you may attempt to play a card after discarding, there is no penalty.

When you move your mouse over your card pile, the cursor will change to a "hand" if you can play that card or to a circle with a slash through it if you cannot play that card.

Not Owned Space are oval with gray backgrounds.

An Owned Space takes the owners color (Blue here).

When a player owns 4 pieces in a row either up and down or left or right that becomes a LineUp and that player receives points based on the point system being used. A piece may be part of both a vertical and a horizontal LineUp. Whenever a LineUp is created that has a piece already in a LineUp points are doubled for the newly created LineUp! A LineUp also makes those 4 pieces permanent changing them from oval shaped to square shaped. Permanent pieces are safe from the Red Jokers!

Left Right "LineUp" by the Blue Player. Each of these Pieces are now Permanent.

Blue Joker allows you to claim any open space. When you click on a Blue Joker, you will see the "Free Pick" notice to the left of your card pile. This notice will remain visible until you click on an open space.

Red Joker allows you to remove any opponents piece that is not permanent (part of a LineUp). When you click on a Red Joker, you will see the Remove Opponent" notice to the left of your card pile. This notice will remain visible until you click on an opponents piece.

To start a new game, click on the Deal Button.

The winner scores the most points. In case of a tie, the winner is the player with the most pieces on the board.

To quit, click on the "X" at the top right of the window or hit the ESC key on the keyboard.