Computer Opponents

The following areas are described for your benefit.

Play/Remove/Discard Indicators

For your benefit there are two indicators for each computer opponent that show you what the computer has done. The following show the Yellow Computer Player.

Play - Here the computer player played the King of Clubs.

Remove - Here the computer player removed the Blue Player's 4 of Clubs.

Discard - Here the computer player had no play and discarded a card. This is also the default when a new game starts.

Play/Discard Pile

The position of the 8 of Hearts is where your cards will be played and/or discarded to. The position of the 7 of Spades is where Computer Opponent 1 would play and/or discard it's cards and The position of the 5 of Spades is where the Computer Opponent 2 (If that option is set) would play and/or discards it's cards.