Game Style

Normal - each time you deal all player scores begin at zero.

Las Vegas - each players score is carried over from each deal and a certain amount of points (depending on the Scoring Style) are subtracted from each deal as the "cost" to play. This "cost" to play for Normal Scoring Style = 1, Card Value Scoring Style = 52 and Card Suit Scoring Style = 104 for Single Deck and 208 for Double Deck.

Scoring Style

Normal - each "LineUp" is worth 1 point.

Card Value - the value of each card in the "LineUp" added together determines the number of points.
Ace=14 King=13 Queen=12 Jack=11 Ten=10 Nine=9 Eight=8 Seven=7 Six=6 Five=5 Four=4 Three=3 Two=2
example, Ace = 14, King = 13, Ten = 10, Five = 5 Total "LineUp" Score = 42. from below example of three's Score = 12.

Card Suit - the value of each card's suit in the "LineUp" is multiplied times the value of each card. These values for each card are added together determines the number of points.
Clubs = 1 times, Diamonds = 2 times, Hearts = 3 times and Spades = 4 times.
example, Ace Heart=3 times 14, Ace Spades=4 times 14, Ace Clubs=1 times 14, Ace Diamonds=2 times 14 total "LineUp" Score = 140 from below example of three's Score = 30.


One - You play 1 computer opponent.

Two - You play 2 computer opponents.

Bad Card Play

Do Nothing - whenever you attempt to play a card that cannot be played nothing happens it just doesn't play.

Message - A message is displayed telling you that card cannot be played.

Beep - A Beep will be heard.

Deck Size

Single - 1 Deck of Cards is used, this includes 4 Blue Jokers and 4 Red Jokers.

Double - 2 Decks of Cards are used (2 of each piece on the board), this includes 8 Blue Jokers and 8 Red Jokers.

Sort your Cards

None - The cards in your hand are kept according to how they were drawn from the deck. Each Time a card is either discarded or played, a replacement card is put into the slot that was just vacated.

Suit - The cards in your hand are kept sorted according to the cards suits.

Value - The cards in your hand are kept sorted according to card value, lowest (2) to highest (Ace).

Board Setup

Standard - The pieces are kept in order according to suits and values.

Random - The pieces are randomly placed.

New Board on Deal

No - After each deal, the board remains the same.

Yes - After each deal, a new board is created. This option is only used if Board Setup is Random.

Your Color

The color of your pieces.

Opponent 1

The color of Opponent 1's pieces.

Opponent 2

The color of Opponent 2's pieces. Opponents must be set to two.