Printing Statistics for an Individual

On the Main Window Tool Bar

click on the Stats Button.

The following will now be displayed. To Print a specific Season's Stats click on that Season from the list. Click on the Printer Button.

If you have the Batting Stats or Pitching Stats Tab selected, the following will now be displayed. You can now Print either your Pitching or Batting Statistics. On the Top Right, Select either Hitting or Pitching.

Now, you can select which Statistics you want to print (singles, doubles). If a Stat has a Checkmark, then it will be printed.

Now, you must select the games you would like to print statistics for. You can pick 1, some, or all. To pick all easily click on the Select All Button. Games that have a checkmark and blue highlight will be printed.

Click on the Print Button to Print.

If you have the Batting Graph or Pitching Graph Tab selected, the print will occur automatically, no other screens will show.