Add a New Spray Chart Item

On the Main Window Tool Bar

click on the SprayChart Button.

This shot shows a game with a few items already plotted. Click on the Arrow Buttons or the Date drop down to change the Season you want to Add an Item for. Once you have the Season you want you need to select the game in that season by selecting in the list. If you have no games listed you need to Add a Game to that users Season, see how here.

If the New Button is not enabled then you either have no data for that game, you have already plotted all the data or you have the view set on "Season" instead of "Game". You will have to check the Game Results Screen to check your data if the view is set on "Game". Otherwise, click on the New Button. The valid items that you may plot will have their name still in black.

Click on the item you want (single,double,fly out, etc). The cursor will change to a CrossHair when you leave the Item area showing where the new item will be plotted. When you get to the spot where you want the item plotted click the mouse.