Add a New Game Results

If you did not add a game with the schedule screen, you can add one on the Game Results Screen.

On the Main Window Tool Bar

click on the Games Button.

Click on the Arrow Buttons or the Date drop down to change the Season you want to Add a Game for. Once you have the Season you want to Add a Game for, Click on the New Game Button.

The following will now be displayed. You will fill out the information for this New Game on this Screen.

Select the Game Date by Clicking on the Game Date Down Arrow.

Select the Opponent Name by Clicking on the Opponent Down Arrow.

Select the Batted Checkbox if you batted to enable the Batting Fields and Select the Pitched Checkbox if you pitched to enable the Pitching Fields.

If this game has been played, enter the Score of the Game in the Box Score Section and Enter your statistics in the Hitting and Pitching Sections.

Click the Ok Button to Save the information or the Cancel Button to not Save.